An Open Studio will be held on the last day of the program as a summary of the R.U.I. Afterwards, the

panel discussion with invited guests will elaborate on the subtopics, while the future prospects of (art) residencies will be collectively addressed.

Public event at

Open Studio & Exhibition Opening & Panel Discussion Thursday,14 September 2017, 4 PM – 8 PM,, Bratislava

4 PM – 6 PM: Open studio

Invited Artists: Jaroslav Kyša, Jonatán Pastirčák, Nóra Ružičková, Maja Štefančíková, Hajnalka Tulisz

Participants of the R.U.I. Workshops: Máté Dobokay, Dániel János Fodor, Dorottya Kalocsai, Lucia Čarnecká, Adam Novota, Nina Mikušková, Renata Pinterová, Martin Toldy, Anda Szűcs

Curatorial Team of the R.U.I.: Eszter Lázár, Zsófia Kókai, Ráhel Anna Molnár, Lili Téglásy

6 PM: short Presentations & Panel Discussion with the Following Guests:

Zuzana Godálová (Nástupište 1-12, Topolčany), Diana Majdáková (Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava), Svätopluk Mikyta & Zuzana Bodnárová(Banská St a nica Contemporary, Banská Štiavnica), Anna Ptak (A-I-R Laboratory, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland)

Presentations & Panel Discussion with the Following Guests:

Diana Majdáková is a curator and cultural manager based in Bratislava. She works in the cultural and non-profit sector as an initiator and co-ordinator of artistic and educational activities. She is the author and curator of the international project OFF LIMITS – censorship in contemporary art practice (from 2016). In 2016 she worked as program director of Tabačka gallery in Košice, she cooperated with the private Dub gallery in Pelhřimov (since 2014), she was the curator of the Schemnitz private gallery in Banská Štiavnica (2013-2015) and has long collaborated with the gallery and residency lab SPACE as a grant and project manager (2006 – 2012). She is involved in publishing activities (Fifty contemporary artists in Slovakia, 2014, Beautiful People, 2015, KNUT, 2017 a. I.) and her own curatorial projects. She is the author of texts, lectures, reviews and articles on art and culture, and publishes in several media (SME, Journal N, Flash Art CZ & SK). Currently she started working as head curator of visual art department in the new Creative center formed by Cvernovka Foundation (Cvernovka=the old thread factory transformed into creative hub).


Zuzana Novotová Godálová is graduated at Hallam University, departure of contemporary arts in Sheffield in 2010. She has developed the interdisciplinary approach in her art practise   that  allows  to push the boundaries of an audiences and explore it further. Since 2011 Zuzana lives back in Slovakia. She is a founder and director of Multimedia space for contemporary culture Platform 1-12 / Nastupiste 1-12 , Topoľčany, situated in a public under-path  underneath the bus and train station.

The project space calls on artists to create the most of the art works  site specific, especially considering the surrounding that can serve itself as a medium for communication and dialogue between art work and the non-traditional viewers.

At the same time the organization directly supports young artists to go on art residencies.  They have developed the cross-board collaboration with partners from EU and USA , project is called „Regular Lines“



Anna Ptak (b. 1979) – art curator, editor and researcher, with background in cultural anthropology, graduated from the Warsaw University. She works as a curator at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw. Since 2009 Ptak is a member of a curatorial team of a research and process oriented residency programme there.

Her research and curatorial interests include artistic practice as a form of social theory, transdisciplinary artworks interpelating politics and fiction, the instituting of art practice and cultural institutions under specific social and political conditions. Recent major exhibition and research projects include kurz / dust / ghobar on global politics of materiality with artists from Europe and The Middle East (2015), Blue Box. Common Places and Contemporary Artistic Practices (2016) – a collaborative curatorial project exploring contemporary situated practices in Eastern Europe, Maja Bekan: 23 Assemblies (2017) – a performative exhibition based on pedagogy, intimacy and collectivity as performance.

Ptak has edited a first critical anthology dedicated to residencies Re-tooling Residencies. A Closer Look at the Mobility of Art Professionals (2011), On Polish Artist Run Initiatives and Spaces (2014; co-edited with Agnieszka Pindera and Wiktoria Szczupacka), The Make Yourself at Home Guide to Warsaw (2015) (with Rani Al Rajji and Monnik collective) – a vernacular urbanism textbook and a subjective guide to the city.